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Concerned about safely ordering affordable erectile dysfunction medication online? About two-thirds of all prescriptions filled are generic forms of brand-name drugs. Generic drugs work well for most patients, but there are differences compared to the brand name products. Brand-name drugs are very expensive. Affordability of some impotence medications is an urgent and pressing issue. All drugs have an active ingredient, the part of the drug that treats the condition for which you are taking it. Generic erectile dysfunction medications have the same active ingredients as brand name medicines. They must be absorbed into the body at the same rate. Generics must be as effective as the brand name drugs. But usually, they do look different from brand name drugs.

If you have difficulty getting and/or keeping an erection that is hard enough for satisfactory sex, you just might have symptoms of ED. ED can be very subjective, so only your doctor is qualified to answer if you have erectile difficulties or not. Generally, A failure to achieve an erection, more than 50% of the time, is a condition that you should consider treatment options for.

There are many medical reasons why ED may occur. It is important to consult a doctor, in order to determine the source of the problem, and select the right treatment. Today, there are many treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Selective enzyme inhibitors may be prescribed, such as generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. These prescriptions should always be monitored by a physician, because some of the side effects, and they may also interact with other medications. ED drugs work by blocking an enzyme found mainly in the penis that breaks down chemicals produced during sexual stimulation that normally produce erections. Only 1 tablet should be taken per day. Increasing the dosage of Viagra or Cialis beyond the recommended amounts will not improve the response and will only result in greater side effects.

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