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Generic Premarin is a cheaper version of Premarin, a very effective and trusted hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicine. Generic and brand name Premarin have identical active ingredient conjugated estrogens, and conjugated estrogens will produce the same therapeutic effect as the brand name drug. Generic medications can usually be purchased for a fraction of the cost of their branded counterparts. Because generic medications are often much cheaper than their branded counterparts, many people choose buying generic medications online, and many insurance companies actually require that they be used. The combination of generic substitutions and reference pricing would give patients an incentive to choose the cheapest product, while helping them avoid unnecessary costs.

Generic Premarin (including Prempro, Premphase, Prempac, and Premelle) is a drug made up of conjugated estrogens are used to treat symptoms of menopause, some types of breast cancer in men and in postmenopausal women, degeneration of the vagina and prostate cancer. In addition, conjugated estrogens are used to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the chance of heart disease in women over fifty. All Premarin medications are non-synthetic organic.

Active Ingredient of Premarin

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What are conjugated estrogens?

Estrogens are essential for maintaining normal female functions. Conjugated estrogens can help relieve symptoms of the menopause including: mood changes, vaginal dryness and irritation. Conjugated estrogens can also help improve female functions in women with hormonal imbalance or problems with their ovaries. It is recommended that the Premarin dose should be accompanied by a glass of water, and preferably be taken on a full stomach to reduce stomach upset.

How to use Premarin tablets

To minimize side effects the lowest effective oral dose of conjugated estrogens is used. The usual starting dose for treating symptoms associated with menopause and for preventing postmenopausal osteoporosis is 0.3 mg/day. The dose should be increased based on response. Conjugated estrogens may be administered in a continuous or cyclical interval i.e. 25 days on treatment then 5 days off treatment.

Premarin Side Effects

Common side effects of conjugated estrogens include headache abdominal pain nervousness nausea back pain joint pain and vaginal bleeding. Patients may also experience vaginal spotting loss of periods or excessively prolonged periods breast pain breast enlargement and an increase or decrease in sexual drive. Effects of estrogen on the skin include rash and melasma tan or brown patches that may develop on the forehead cheeks or temples and may persist even after estrogens are stopped.

Premarin Interactions

The most commonly drugs that are known to interact with Premarin are: Levothyroxine, Insulin, Tamoxifen, Carbamezepine, Rifampin. If you are under treatment with any of these drugs talk with your doctor as special monitoring for the duration of the treatment is required.